Our mission

We are working on building the tools developers need to literally and metaphorically change how we see the world and each other through augmented reality. We are focused on this goal for the long term and have a team that knows how to get us there. We'll have fun and learn a great deal along the way. 

What we do

We are building technology to create something that's unique and powerful - the AR Cloud. We deeply understand the problems preventing AR App engagement and are solving these challenges on behalf of all augmented reality developers. We are tackling the first steps to making semantic maps of the world on the hardware everyone already has, so that you can create digital experiences that happen automatically, organically and naturally in the physical world. 

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The Culture

The greatest companies are those defined by a strong, representative culture. From our earliest days, we've focused core values on diversity, trust, accountability, creativity, respect, and winning as a team. We leave our egos on the curb and idolize our customers.

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The Benefits

Health benefits for your whole family, including excellent Medical, Vision, Dental, and Life Insurance. Our paid time off policy is built for your mental well-being - you take whatever time off you need, but we encourage everyone to take at least 2 weeks off per year.

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The Technology

The AR Cloud enables the UX breakthroughs that lead to the future breakthroughs needed for engaging AR apps. Persistence, occlusion and real-time shared experiences are achievable when developers use 6D.ai as their operating system - and we are powering this on over 1B devices.

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We are headquartered in the SoMa area of San Francisco, but we also have a main office at Oxford University. As 6D.ai is co-founded by the University of Oxford, the team has the opportunity to work with the leading research group in augmented reality. The Oxford Active Vision Lab seeks to advance knowledge in computational vision, particularly in the area of 3D scene reconstruction from conventional and depth imagery. The lab works hosts over 13 Post Doctorate and PhD candidates, developing IP for applications for tracking, location and mapping, wearable and assistive computing, semantic vision, augmented reality, human motion analysis, and navigation.


Open Positions



6D has revolutionized what is possible in Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing, building extensive cloud APIs to enable rapid processing of requests from mobile devices, in turn creating a 3D map of the world in our AR Cloud. We are looking for a motivated developer to come in and help take our APIs to the next level. In this role, you will be working directly with the DevOps team, Mobile SDK team, and VP of Engineering.

Skills: REST API development, Cloud services, High volume API services, Golang, Database, Queuing integration


This is a very hands-on role, leading the CV team in development and research. You must have extensive experience in Computer Vision with expert knowledge in one or more of the following: Dense Mapping, Sparse SLAM, Visual-Inertial Pose Tracking, 3D Scene Understanding, 3D Object Tracking.

Skills: C++, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, OpenCL, CUDA, Metal, GPU Computing, Deep Learning, SLAM


Build the framework for large-scale, distributed processing of computer vision outputs. Work with world-class CV experts from around the world. We're looking for engineers that crave research, but get really excited when their research is built into products used by millions. Ideal candidates have experience with Dense Mapping, Sparse SLAM, Visual-Inertial Pose Tracking, 3D Scene Understanding, or 3D Object Tracking.

Skills: C++, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, API, CUDA, Metal, OpenCL


This senior level role is a candidate who has built massive multiplayer systems and understands how to integrate mobile devices with MMO cloud systems. This is a hands-on role where you will work on system design and architecture, and have great impact on decisions across many aspects of 6D.ai's core experience. You will have worked with systems that handled high volumes of traffic and users, spread globally.

Skills: Expert knowledge of Cloud MMO architecture, Mobile app integration, User management, Game storage management, Cloud services


Drive our Android app SDK development and deployment process. Your work will be used by other Android developers to write apps impacting millions of users, and literally changes how people see and interact with the world.

Skills: Java, C++, Unity3D, Developer Relations, Android App Development, API / SDK Writing, OpenGL, 3D Graphics


Develop Prototype interactions that show-off system capabilities. Build shaders that are applied to 3D meshes & point clouds. Work with sparse and dense point clouds, and various mesh formats. Including programmatically modifying meshes. Work with computer vision researchers, engineers, and embedded software developers to coordinate feature development

Skills: Unity, 3D Graphics, GPU Computing, Shaders, Android/iOS Development, AR SDKs


This senior level role is for someone who both understands how to recruit highly technical and sought-after candidates in Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and mobile, and how to build a diverse, creative and inspiring culture across a rapidly growing organization. We are a young company and the potential to shape who we are by finding candidates who will define our culture is where this role will directly contribute

Skills: 5+ years of technical recruiting experience. Experience hiring very senior technical talent from large companies into early-stage startups. Ability to own the full lifecycle recruiting process with minimal direction. Excellent written and verbal interpersonal skills to effectively communicate the 6D.ai mission & value to candidates


Drive our iOS app SDK development and deployment process. Your work will be used by other iOS developers to write apps impacting millions of users, and literally changes how people see and interact with the world.

Skills: Objective-C, iOS App Development, C++, Developer Relations, Swift, API / SDK Writing, Unity3D, OpenGL, 3D Graphics


Proven ability to design & setup appropriate cloud infrastructure using AWS or GCP. You'll build the Cloud APIs to handle ingestion, storage, management and retrieval of large amounts of 3D and image data, interfacing with our SDK on iOS and Android.

Skills: Ubuntu, Cloud Security, Containers, CI/CD, Deployment Pipelines, Cloud Configuration, Cloud Billing Management