APIs for AR App developers

Occlusion, persistence, multi-player, cross-platform



AR represents the ultimate display. It is the closest we can get to blurring the perceived distinction between digital and physical objects. The ability for AR to be the interface to all other new technical breakthroughs, to literally and metaphorically change how we see the world and each other, is profound. We deeply understand the problems preventing AR App engagement and are solving those hard problems on behalf of all AR developers. We are tackling the first steps to making semantic maps of the world on the hardware everyone already has, so that you can create digital experiences that happen automatically, organically and naturally in the physical world. 


Occlusion meshing

 The 6D.ai API uses a standard built-in smartphone camera to build a real-time, three-dimensional semantic, crowd sourced maps of the world, all in the background. No depth camera is needed to capture the world in 3D.



Sharing an experience with someone else has been too hard. Users had to carefully hold their device in the right spot & hope then wait for SLAM synch to occur. 6D.ai solves this problem with almost instant joining from any position.



Our state-of-the art relocalization technology ensures that AR content stays in place between sessions, and most importantly is easy to find again when you start a new session nearby.



True spatial computing apps that were only possible to build on expensive Head Mounted Displays are now possible on ARCore and ARKit smartphones. Any device will be able to see the same experience at the same time, to the best of its hardware capabilities.