Building the 3D map of the world, using only a smartphone camera

Mapping the world in 3D

through real-time spatial recognition

...using only a smartphone camera

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Build Apps That Understand The World

Using the 6D Reality Platform, virtual objects within your application interact as if they are truly part of the physical world, bringing a shared new reality to life. By bringing this technology to smartphones, 6D is removing the need for expensive equipment and democratizing AR development at scale - giving developers what they need to deliver applications and products that truly understand the world.

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Helping Businesses Bring Spatial Computing to Life

Today’s businesses need to build solutions that are spatially aware - whether it is to reduce costs, secure better images for inspections, improve workflows, or simply excite and inform people. 6D partners with your team to help build solutions that have spatial understanding, bringing a digital 3D mesh for both indoor and outdoor spaces (building, city and world scale) to your product within milliseconds using just a smartphone. 6D is committed to solving the hardest technical challenges across spatial computing and delivering you the tools and the expert support you have needed to make what once was considered impossible, possible.


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Product Features

AR Platform Enabling Persistence


AR content stays in place between sessions, and most importantly is easy to find again when you start a new session nearby.

AR Platform Enabling Occlusion


No depth camera is needed to capture the world in 3D. Real-time, three-dimensional semantic, crowd-sourced maps of the world are built in the background using a smartphone camera.

Multiplayer Shared Experience with AR


Sharing an experience with someone else is now possible with almost instant joining from any position. Cross Platform for AR Development

Cross Platform

Any device will see the same experience at the same time, to the best of its hardware capabilities.

Hear What Others Are Saying

"What has built ends up functioning a bit like a Waze for AR, using smartphone cameras to build a cloud-based map of the world’s three-dimensional data that will supercharge augmented reality content in a way that could actually make it useful to people." - Lucas Matney, TechCrunch

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