Cloud 6 with Matt Miesnieks (

“AR is out there, but the experiences available today are still feeling pretty isolated. is building out cloud AR tech to link these experiences together on a digital layer of the real world.” October 2018

Next Reality

Video Demo from Shows Why Occlusion is the Next Big Thing for Mobile AR Experiences

“The demo shows how the illusion remains magically realistic via occlusion. In the same environment of the AR drawing example, virtual balls are shot forward. The balls bounce and roll on the floor, and then disappear behind obstacles.” July 2018


Forbes Funded to Build the AR Cloud

“Working in a software stack with Computer Vision and AI,'s cloud would allow an app to semantically identify 3D objects to enable many new AR applications.” March 2018

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Who Owns Augmented Realities?

“But a true AR app economy could require a more universal and open AR cloud that’s tapped and fed by billions of phones. This is what is building via API.” June 2018


Techcrunch is building AR tech that crowdsources a 3D mesh of the world

“What has built ends up functioning a bit like a Waze for AR, using smartphone cameras to build a cloud-based map of the world’s three-dimensional data that will supercharge augmented reality content in a way that could actually make it useful to people.” March 2018

Video Clips co-founder and CEO, Matt Miesnieks, gives a talk from the Inspire Track at AWE USA 2018


Early developer prototypes show the potential of the 6D Reality Platform


Jon Shieber and Matt Miesnieks discuss the opportunities occlusion and physics bring to AR at the TechCrunch AR/VR Sessions on Oct 18 2018