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Until now, understanding 3D space has been expensive and slow. The 6D.ai platform builds a digital twin of a space through real-time, crowdsourced 3D mapping using standard smartphones. This allows anyone to create a 3D map today, and to keep it up-to-date instantly reflecting changes in the environment.

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  • Capture real-time 3D scans, or “digital twins,” of a space by using just smartphone cameras.

  • Share and immediately access the scan remotely for planning, inspections, rental approvals, accessibility requirements, and floor plans.


  • Create a 3D digital map of physical space and export that to third party editing tools for markup and then view that virtual markup in the real space.

  • Vertical specific use cases are: just-in-time manufacturing facility design, industrial simulation and game design.


  • Onsite workers connect with remote experts in real-time, collaborating through a shared 3D map.

  • Workers have better context and spatial awareness.

  • Annotations and markups “stick” to specific parts and equipment and is persistent for follow-on workers that visit the site later.


  • Provide navigation and accurate location information for and about people in your space, without GPS.

  • Create AR maps for a variety of use cases such as finding conference rooms in corporate campuses, tracking workers for safety purposes in industrial environments, building tours in museums and more.    


As a global media technology solutions leader, our customers and employees are critical to our success. Utilizing CareAR and 6D.ai as part of our overall IT and support strategy, has been a game changer for MediaKind. We now have the ability to respond and resolve remote issues faster, as if we are there in person. This minimizes downtime and cost while providing a more effective way of supporting our customers and employees than ever before.
— Darrin Whitney, CIO of MediaKind
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We’ve been developing with the 6D.ai SDK almost exclusively for the past year and our enthusiasm for it has only grown during that time. Its technology is unlocking the full potential of AR, helping us create much needed products for our clients across retail, energy, manufacturing and more. There is simply no other comparable SDK available.
— Patrick O'Shaughnessey, Patched Reality
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Integrating 6D.ai technology with our own over the last year has been hugely exciting. Our virtual characters can now ‘see’ the real-world, which transforms the stories we can begin to tell. Nexus Studios seeks to create ever more intelligent and emotionally engaging content in AR and 6D.ai has helped us to do that here.
— Luke Ritchie, Head of Interactive Arts, Nexus Studios

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Click the links for  Harvard Business Review report ,  Digi Capital  and  Gartner  citations.

Click the links for Harvard Business Review report, Digi Capital and Gartner citations.

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