Meet the Team


Matt Miesnieks, CEO

Matt is widely recognized as one of the leading AR thought leaders. He has a unique commercial and tech operational background which he brought to Super Ventures to help early stage startups find product market fit. He most recently led an AR R&D team at Samsung and previously was co-founder & CEO of Dekko, the company that invented 3D AR holograms on IOS. Prior to this he worked as a VP & GM and began his career as an engineer.


Victor PrisacariU, CHIEF SCIENTIST

Victor is Associate Professor in Information Engineering at University of Oxford, and is co-leading the Active Vision Group there.
His focus is on computer vision methods for real-time (semantic) AR/VR on mobile and wearable platforms. The renowned AVG lab works on computational vision, with an emphasis on 3D reconstruction and motion analysis.


Jeff McConathy, VP of Engineering

Jeff has had a storied history with startups, most recently as an early employee and VP of Engineering at Trulia. He has built large scale infrastructure from scratch through to IPO. He specializes in building engineering and product teams, having established methods to intentionally create a healthy and productive work culture.


Anthony Maës, Principal engineer

Anthony is our engineering lead for our SDK and previously worked at Tesla building the interfaces into Autopilot. This is the third time he and Matt have worked together, having worked at Dekko and prior to that at Layar.


Bruce Wooden, Head of Developer Relations

Bruce is a VR & AR evangelist. He was co-founder of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR), an international organization for VR professionals and pioneers, as well as AltspaceVR, a cross-platform social experience for virtual reality. Bruce is passionate about immersive technology experiences, education, and dance games.


University of Oxford is co-founded by the University of Oxford, which seeks to advance knowledge in computational vision, particularly in the area of 3D scene reconstruction from conventional and depth imagery. The Active Vision Lab works hosts over 13 Post Doctorate and PhD candidates, developing IP for applications for tracking, location and mapping, wearable and assistive computing, semantic vision, augmented reality, human motion analysis, and navigation..