6D Demo Challenge NOW CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries. We are putting the challenge on hold for now but would still enjoy hearing from you. Please reach out through our contact us page!


See below for an overview of what it entailed:

30 second clips of live phone action that show off the unique capabilities of the 6D SDK.

How it works:

  1. Submit a quick pitch (a couple of paragraphs, no more than 30 min work into the pitch) for one of the “brief briefs” below.

  2. If your pitch is chosen, we will commission a ~30 second video clip from you.

  3. This is not just for fake internet points and "exposure" - we are putting our (seed-stage) budget where our mouths are on this one.

  4. We will pay you $1000 for that video clip and use it in our promotion materials, as well as promoting you as a creator.

  5. These clips will be compiled into an epic trailer that will conceptualize the capabilities of the 6D Reality Platform.

  6. We'll give you some cool "founding team" swag and future credit towards using the 6D platform. If your video clip is really great, we'll list you on our site as a 6D Developer Partner, and your demo video will become your ad.

Ground Rules

The process starts off by sending us brief pitch about the demo you would like to build. Pitches based on the “brief briefs” below will get preference, but we're open to anything. The pitch should not be lengthy, but we do have some criteria:

  • Demo shows off something that cannot be done with ARKit or ARCore alone

  • Demo can be built with 2-3 days of work. That's our expectation wrt quantity & effort.

  • Demo has to be recorded live from a phone/tablet; no mockups, composites, or other post processing. We want to show off what is really real

  • Demo can be location based, so virtual lighting etc could be hard coded to match real-world lighting (please disclose if this is the case)

  • Demonstrates 2 or more of the key features of the 6D Reality Platform:

    • Occlusion - digital objects can be blocked from view by real life objects

    • Persistence - digital content placed in some location remains there permanently

    • 'No Click' Multiplayer - two or more users enjoy an experience in AR, be it competitive or collaborative

    • Cross Platform Play - two or more users enjoy an experience in AR, using devices on different platforms

    • Physics - use the mesh generated by the 6D platform to show off an interesting physical interaction with the real world

    • Rendering onto the world

  • Please Include something with the pitch that demonstrates your past work (portfolio, app, prototypes you have already created, etc.)

And some fun stuff - extra gifts for videos we publish:

  • Some TBD very high quality swag (Stuff you might wear, not a 6D billboard)

  • Credited feature on our showcase page & homepage

  • Designated as a "6D developer partner" - we refer opportunities for content creation to you from companies who approach us

  • Free credits to develop on 6D's platform for 12 months

The production value of your prototype should be as high as you can manage, but the emphasis should be in communicating the use-case clearly. We like to see things like

  • Shadows

  • Lighting

  • Correct physics

  • Scale

We are more interested in seeing the affordances that create the sense of presence, that the assets are believably part of the world. Not necessarily super high poly-count & perfect animation but then it doesn't throw a shadow....

Please feel free to re-use any work you already have lying around or off the shelf assets etc. We want your time to be effectively spent on the 6D aspects, not asset creation etc. You will retain all IP & copyright of anything you submit, what you send us will be used for marketing and promotion.

If you want to create more than one, feel free, we'll pay $1000 for each selected pitch!


SAMPLE briefs

Here's a list of concepts and an example of each (feel free to use your own example) e'd like to have one of each if possible:

  • Indoor toys
    We kicked things off with a virtual ball pit, but would like to see other digital toys and trinkets. What childhood toy could you digitally revive? Perhaps a coil that flows down stairs, or a wind up toy that goes behind furniture.

  • Indoor physics
    Now that you have a mesh, let's see some physical interaction! Make objects bounce, stick, swing, stretch, snap, launch, or jiggle across the room.

  • Indoor visualization
    Be it data or art, there is something special about visualizing digital content in 3D space. It becomes even better when multiple people can view objects simultaneously. Perhaps a multi-user data visualization, with sliders to adjust values?

  • Indoor creative/construction
    There are quite a few AR apps out there that let you draw or build an original creation. With 6D, those creations can be enhanced by physics, occlusion, and asynchronous multiplayer. It would be cool to see an on location art project built up over time by different users. Or your take on Minecraft.

  • Indoor life size characters
    We have already seen some fantastic first efforts with munchkin sized characters. It would be great to see more content with life sized characters. Perhaps load a hologram into the room with you, of an historical figure or a modern pop star - complete with occlusion & physics & lighting, of course.

  • Indoor/Outdoor transition
    Most AR apps today are indoors, and a couple work outdoors. Nothing with depth works outdoors because IR backscatter from the sun confuses depth cameras. Show us something that starts outside & goes in or vice-versa

  • Outdoor collaborative
    Outdoors has a lot more space to create and collaborate. It would be wonderful to see a prototype that has multiple users working on content together. Perhaps building a giant sand castle, or Jenga?

  • Outdoor persistent content
    Persistence is a key feature of the 6D platform. An outdoor location can be scanned, saved, and then downloaded from any user that pops by. Content at that location stays there for good. What kind of content would you leave for others to find?

  • Outdoor large scale
    6D maps are able to get big - REALLY big. What cool content would you like to see on a huge map? Perhaps magical plants that grow upon the territory you have already journeyed, or a traveling companion (dare we say a fox?) to lead you to your next destination?

  • Outdoor epic scale character
    Big maps need big stuff to fill them! Let's see your favorite monster, giant, or oversized machine stomp through the streets of your neighborhood! (we are relaxing our ban on Dinos & Dragons for this one... but we'd prefer Gundam)

  • Outdoor scavenger hunt
    Occlusion means that real world objects can block your view of virtual ones. That also means that, using 6D, you can hide virtual objects and creatures! What is your vision of an AR scavenger hunt? Not Pokemon but...

  • Outdoor creative/construction
    Draw, build, and create in AR - but now with a LOT more space. Why settle for building blocks when you can direct bulldozers? Let's see what AR creation looks like outside! What would HUGE scale digital street art look like?

  • Occlusion with cars and people
    Static occlusion is currently in the beta, but we have some exciting dynamic occlusion features coming down the pipe. Do you have a killer concept to show off occlusion with moving cars and live people? Let's hear it! Frogger played on an actual road would be cool.

  • Enterprise
    This is a broad topic that includes everything from training to maintenance. What we would like to see here is how 6D's technology could help solve a real-world industry problem or three.

  • Retail
    Another broad topic with a lot of potential. The first thing that comes to mind is a store guide that makes use of 6D's unique features. Perhaps persistent content left behind by other shoppers? Or just previewing that item you want to buy in your home or driveway.